Saturday, June 30, 2012

Since a couple people asked for pictures from my studio I'm doing that today. What kind of studio do I work in? The messy kind. I'm lucky thought to have a room that's not used for anything except artmaking and storage, though. It helps focus me on the work a lot better.

Here's a shot of page 11! Haha, these photos are all a little old, I'm on page 15 right now. Maybe I should make updating this blog a nightly thing for after I'm done working, rather than a "when I feel like it, dammit," thing.

I love this brush. Every morning I go over to my eraser stubb covered drawing table and brush it off with this. It's so simple and so handy, and technically an heirloom...sort of (my grandfather used it when he was working as a draftsman, and when my mother was cleaning out the house after he passed, she found it and gave it to me.) Hmm. That's less an heirloom and more of a hand me down. Whatever.

Man...I...I love you man...this is...where are my pants?

Skeleton! His name is Timothy. He belongs to my massage therapist roommate, she got him while she was in school. The skull on top of the bookcase is mine, though. ...My roommate and I like bones.

I do clean this place, I swear. Just not when I'm busy.

Hey, huh huh, I said my roommate and I like bones. Huh huh huhuhuhuh....

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